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First Colony child day care: Child brain development during the first three years

Posted on 08-27-2014


Studies show that the first few years of your child’s life are the most important when it comes to brain development. During the first three years your child’s brain rapidly forms connections between all the 100 billion brain cells it has from birth. These brain cells will connect to the right circuits as your child matures. Our comprehensive brain development program at Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy First Colonystimulates neural pathways to improve language and socio-emotional abilities in your child. We have compiled the following useful information about your child’s brain development.

Importance of ages zero to three years

Electrical and chemical activity in your child’s brain are translated with every touch, movement and emotion. These experiences play a major role in your child’s brain development. They will assist in shaping how he or she thinks and perceives his or her environment. The brain develops as millions of cells organize themselves into networks. A good diet, clean water, and exercise influence this development, as well as relationships with parents, peers and other family members.

A child needs to receive care, guidance and grow in a comfortable and safe environment in order to thrive, and improve brain development. When a child is neglected, not held or encouraged positively, it can affect brain development in a negative way. Experiences your child has at home and at day care can last a lifetime. They will influence how he or she communicates. A child’s intellect and self control all come from childhood experiences. It is never too late for a child to learn new skills and overcome fears, while improving brain development in the process.

For more information on our brain development program in First Colony, contact us today.

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