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Child care: Activities for promoting learning in toddlers and preschoolers

Posted on 01-08-2015


Goals and objectives have always been the motivators behind success throughout history. We have learned from history that setting goals and acquiring rewards are the fundamental motivations behind almost every action we take. It therefore makes sense that you, as parents of toddlers or preschoolers, should consider utilizing similar motivating factors. These will help to ensure that your child is eager to learn, keen to achieve good results, and motivated to earn the deserved reward.

Join Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of First Colony, Texas as we share more information on the topic of promoting learning in a child, through healthy rewards:

Toddler and Preschool child care: Small rewards

Small rewards are excellent, during child care, for keeping your child motivated even during mundane activities. These include driving long distances or even waiting after preschool to get picked up. A child will be motivated to have patience with the expectation of a small reward. Rather than providing exorbitant amounts of candy, try using healthy rewards, such as a simple walk to the park, or a visit to see the bunnies at the pet store.

Toddler and Preschool child care: Big rewards

You may also choose to reward your child with larger rewards such as a visit to Disney World, or a trip to the movies. These rewards can be almost anything that you and your child are interested in. The most important factor is motivating your child to not only succeed, but to excel.

If you’re looking for an excellent toddler or preschool child care environment where your child is motivated through healthy rewards, in order to achieve superior results, Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of First Colony, Texas is ideal for you. We offer our exclusive Brain WavesTM curriculum that caters to each child as an individual, and ensures no child is ever left out of the fun and learning. Contact us here for more details about our superior child care services.

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